Friday, April 15, 2011

Christmas 2011

I'm trying to update the blog and I have a ton of pictures from Christmas, so I won't be adding a lot of narrative.  I figure that most of you probably only want to see pictures anyway!

 Our elf "Pepper".  I only took one picture of the things he did while he visited us, but he also drove Jackson's tractors, brought snow from the North Pole and hid in the Christmas tree.

Coston Christmas

Christmas Play at church

Jackson didn't really participate in the play.  He was a "wee wise man."  He was supposed to walk with the other two wise men down the aisle to the back where I was waiting, but he saw me and ran to the back.  Then, he decided that he wasn't going back on stage to finish the play.  (Jackson's in purple in the pictures)

Cook Christmas

It was a green and yellow Christmas...

Christmas Morning

It snowed and Jackson got a gator from Santa!  He still rides it every chance he gets.  He loves to collect sticks from the yard and "haul" them. 

Hamilton Christmas

Christmas at Grandma's

I was too tired by Christmas night to even remember I had my camera with me.  I didn't get very many pictures.

 Pop I and Griffin

Holli and Rowan

Isom Christmas

 Jackson and his tool set...big hit!

 Trying to get a picture with the grandkids is always fun!

Tillie waiting on her mom to open the ring that we gave her.

Okay, I think that does it for Christmas.  Just so you know it only took me two weeks to complete this post and get it published.  Whew!  Now, on to the next.

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