Thursday, April 15, 2010

Disney Live

Kristi and I took Jackson, Lawson and Ethan to see Mickey's Rockin' Road Show in March.  I think they all enjoyed it, especially the Rowe boys.  Ethan joined right in with the loudness.  Jackson got a little tired towards the end and he kept going up and down the aisle between me and Kristi (to "check" on Ewii), but I think he had fun.  For days afterwards, he talked about going home with Ms. Kristi to see Mickey. 

Kristi emailed me that morning to say she had forgotten her camera.  I replied "No, problem.  Mine's in the car and I got the zoom lens!"  We got seated in the civic center when I realized I had left my camera in the car.  This is the only picture we have.  I took it as we were leaving, but we were there!

Easter 2010

Easter this year was so much fun now that Jackson can hunt eggs.  We went to the church egg hunt Saturday and he had a blast.  Next year I hope to do something like Kristi did to teach Jackson the true meaning of Easter.   This was our year to be in Arab, so we had lunch at Daddy Jack and Granny Ham's with another egg hunt.  The adult grandkids had their own egg hunt with money prize eggs, but since I participated I don't have any pictures.  And if you're wondering, I found three eggs with no money. Bummer!

Hunting eggs at church

Decked out with fireman boots.

Our "good" picture, but there's a spot on my lens and it gives Clint a black eye.  Jackson didn't smile for any of them, plus my husband was squinting.

Strike a pose

The Sweats

Tillie and Jackson never cooperate for a picture together.

See.  Always going in two directions.

He came back to tell her something.  It probably wasn't nice.

Talking it over with Pop I.

Hunting eggs with Cousin Steph.

An afternoon with Jackson and Sam

One weekend a few weeks ago, Jackson decided that he wanted to play in Jake's pen (Don't worry. Jake doesn't live in there, just eats, so there's no poo.) Jackson decided that Jake's doghouse was a cave, with a bear, but I forbid him to get in it. He had an absolute blast playing in there and he had no idea that I was standing at the edge of the house with my zoom lens. Here's what I captured:

Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Bed

We decided to move Jackson from a crib to a “big boy bed” this week.  He totally surprised me and went right to sleep and stayed there.  When I got up this morning and checked on him, he was sideways in the bed and totally uncovered, but he was still in bed. I considered it a success!  Now we just have to keep it going.
IMG_2748IMG_2750He loves his Thomas comforter and he quickly ditched his favorite blanket that he used in his crib. He’s growing up!