Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Elephant Walk 2010

The circus came to Huntsville this month and I remembered to find out when they would be unloading the elephants for the Elephant Walk.  I was disappointed.  They were running late to begin with and then there was only 6 elephants.  I heard alot of people grumbling on our way back to the car about it not being as good this year.  Jackson enjoyed seeing the elephants, but what cranked his tractor was all the police cars that were blocking off the roads.  They had their lights on and Jackson was pointing out each one.

Pointing out police cars

Still waiting...

Here they come!

We decided that Jackson wouldn't sit through the circus this year, so we'll have to go the next time they come.  Maybe the Elephant Walk will be better then!


Clint cannot stand to have his picture taken. He hates to pose for pictures. I was thrilled beyond words when Jackson told me the other night at the dinner table to "take my picture."   I asked him if he was going to smile for me if I got the camera.  He said "Yep, cheeeessee!"  Here's what I got:

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Christmas Day

Christmas morning this year started off at Pops and Nana's for breakfast.  So yummy!  Biscuits and red-eye gravy!

Jackson and Aunt Beth looking at pictures

Pawpaw and Jackson (I got a new zoom lens for my camera!!!)

Granna and Jackson

More Thomas stuff

I've never seen so much Thomas stuff in my life and we don't even have a fraction of it.

Clint got a new range something or other.  All I know is:  you use it to hunt and it hurts your eyes when someone uses a camera with a flash while you're looking right at them.  Oops!

Alison and Jackson playing with the bubble maker.

Christmas Eve

We started off Christmas Eve at Pop I and BB's house for brunch.

Tillie and Jackson helped Pop I hand out the gifts.

Jackson is into Thomas and Friends and had been asking for the Sodor Fire Station since his birthday.  Pop I and BB got it for him.

He loves it!

The JD tractor and wagon from Grandma and Janet. 

We went to visit Daddy Jack and Granny Ham that night and he got another tractor. 

Thomas books from Aunt Charlotte, but that's not all...

Aunt Charlotte made Jackson a Thomas table (so that I could get all of that track off of my coffee table).  It's huge!  Jackson absolutely loves it.  It's the first thing he plays with in the morning and the first place he goes when we get home.  Thank you Aunt Charlotte!

Christmas with the Costons

We had Christmas with my Dad's side of the family on the 19th.  Jackson's favorite gift by far was the John Deere loader from Uncle Frank and Aunt Martha.  He didn't even want to open anything else.

Ms. Tillie opening gifts

Jackson and his loader

Opening one of the many firetrucks we now own.  He's a bit obsessed.

Here's his "papooter" from Grand D and Melody.  He didn't care much about it that night, but now he LOVES it.  He was on it just last night repeating the letter sounds. 

Ms. Tillie again in her cute little outfit.

I'm Back!


We've had computer issues since the end of December, so we decided to bite the bullet and order a new one.  It finally arrived on January 26th and we've just gotten all of the pictures, programs, etc. off of the old one and onto the new.

I'll be posting separate entries instead of doing one huge post.