Tuesday, September 15, 2009

5K, Beach and more!

Lots to post about!
First, let me proudly show off my very first pictures of refrigerator art:

So cute! Of course, he colored a tractor. Speaking of tractors, I ran across this picture not too long ago.

That's me and my momma a long time ago riding my Papa Coston's tractor. Guess Jackson gets it from both sides, huh? And check out my momma driving a tractor bare-footed! Linda gave Jackson this gator recently.

He loves it because it's just like Daddy Jack's. And he loves to fill it with "men" and then dump them out. Then he'll come ask me for "nother men momma".

Mom, Anna and I completed our 5K on September 5th. You can check out Anna's pictures. Let me just warn you though, pictures taken of someone while they are running are not pleasant to look at. We had great times and I think we surprised ourselves at was we could accomplish. I'm so proud that we finished this goal together. Leigh and LeShell (our coaches) are sponsoring another group training program starting this Saturday, if anyone is interested. It will be for another 5K in November. They are also going to have a group in January training for a 10K.

And lastly, we just returned from a beach trip with Pawpaw and Granna (Clint's parents).

This is our first day after driving in. We took Jackson down to the beach before we ate dinner. See the sun...that's the last time we saw it.

Loves his "big 'ol boodin".

Telling the water "no, no ater." Look at that face. He wasn't very fond of the water this year.

This is the second day. As you can see, overcast and yuk. It started to rain mid-morning so this was the last time Jackson got to play on the beach.

We had a good time, but we were all hoping for some better weather. And I really wanted some good family beach photos!!