Thursday, August 27, 2009

Nothin' much

I really don't have anything in particular to blog about. That totally explains why I haven't posted in, what, 3 weeks. Whew!! I'm behind!

Well, I'm still running. I had shin splints one week and turned my ankle the next, so this is my official week back at it. I declined quite a bit in those short two weeks. I went from running 42 minutes at a time to 25. I'm trying hard this week to increase, but my legs feel like lead. The race is September 5th!!! Just around the corner!

Jackson is a tornado of a two-year-old. He's going through a bit of a testing stage. Testing Linda and myself to our boundaries to see how long it takes to get into trouble or get caught. The kid is mischievous!!! I know he's into something when it gets quiet. Just this week, I was folding clothes and noticed that the house was too quiet. I went to check on him and he was dumping his travel size bottles of baby shampoo, lotion, powder, etc into the toilet!!! Fun stuff!!

He has started attaching my name onto the end of all of his phrases: "Owside, Momma?", "Traktur, Momma", "Diddy Jck traktur feeild, Momma", "Down now, Momma" "John Deere gaatur, Momma" and my personal favorite "Ew, Momma." Clint taught him that one. He loves to say that if he sees me in the bathroom.

We had a bout of sinus issues at our house this week too. Jackson had to go to the doctor Tuesday and thankfully, all is well with his ears. Both tubes have grown out, so we will have to see how this winter goes. I pray he is over ear infections.

We have finally found a house that we are interested in. It needs LOTS of work. I knew that going through this process would not be easy, but, whew! It's tough and we're not even in the thick of it yet. Please pray that we would follow God's direction in this situation.

A post with no pictures. Bummer! I haven't had my camera out in forever!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Boo Boo

Warning: Do not read any further if you are a grandmother who doesn't want to see pictures of your hurt grandbaby or if you are anyone who doesn't want to see pictures that you may consider "gross."

We have our first bad boo-boo. Sunday evening we were all outside. Our corn has come in and we were washing the ears and preparing them to freeze. Clint tilled a row in the garden while Jackson played on the other side in the dirt. When Clint got to the end of the row he stopped, turned the tiller off and went to check on the corn that was cooking on the porch. I was probably 15 feet from Jackson and the tiller when Jackson came over and stood behind it playing like he was "driving" it. I glanced up every few seconds from washing to check on him. He came under the left handle and I thought he was coming towards me so I went back to washing. The next thing I knew, he was screaming, holding his hands out and coming towards me. I got up quickly and rushed to him thinking that he had be stung by a wasp. Then it hit me, he had touched the muffler on the tiller and had burned his hand. I rushed him inside to clean and treat it and when we were finished, he wanted to go back outside. That evening it was just red and slightly swollen. This is what it looked like by Monday night:

Ouch!! We are keeping it bandaged and treated while he just keeps playing in true Jackson style. Please pray for fast healing and no infection!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Weeks Five and Six

I'm combining these posts since I've failed to keep my blog updated. The last two weeks have been rough for me. I've been tired from all of the traveling and family events that we've had going on and there's barely anything left to run. I've discovered that my first 5 minutes running are the hardest and if I can push through those, I'll finish.

Here's my stats for the past two weeks:

Waist: -0.5 inches
Chest: -0.5 inches
Upper Thigh: -0.5 inches
Weight: -1 lb.

This week we are walking 1 minute, running 12 minutes for two sets. This Saturday it goes up to 15 minutes and we will be running in downtown Guntersville. Honk if you see us!!